第三届世界互联网大会 大佬们说了啥

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本文摘要:Jack Ma: The next three decades belong to people who can make good use of the internet technology.马云:未来30年归属于“用好互联网技术”的人。


Jack Ma: The next three decades belong to people who can make good use of the internet technology.马云:未来30年归属于“用好互联网技术”的人。Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, said in his speech at the opening ceremony of the third World Internet Conference (WIC) Wednesday that in the future, data will be the means of production and computing is productivity.阿里巴巴董事局主席马云16日在第三届世界互联网大会开幕式上公开发表演说,称之为未来,数据是生产资料,计算出来是生产力。The next three decades are the most critical years that should be seized by people. As new technologies will be integrated into every aspect of traditional industries, wherever you are, and whoever you are, every one of us will be a part of this great change, Ma said.“未来30年,是新技术融合到传统行业的方方面面,是人类社会天翻地覆的30年,不管你是什么人,不管你身处哪里,我们所有每个人都会是这场大变革的一部分。

”He said the next three decades will not only be dominated by internet companies, but also by enterprises, countries and young people that can make good use of the internet technology.他说道,未来30年一定会只是“互联网公司”的天下,未来30年是“用好互联网技术”的公司的天下,是“用好互联网技术”的国家的天下,是“用好互联网技术”的年轻人的天下。Only by making internet technology and resources available to everyone, we can make benefit significantly to human welfare.“我们必需把互联网技术、互联网资源普会化,才能沦为造福人类的极大福祉。”Pony Ma: Internet companies should further cultivate Chinese market马化腾:互联网企业须要耕耘中国市场Pony Ma, chairman and CEO of Tencent Holdings Ltd, said to media during the third WIC that Chinese internet industrys development has distinct Chinese characteristics.腾讯公司董事长兼任CEO马化腾在第三届世界互联网大会上对媒体回应,中国互联网行业的发展具备显著的中国特色。

In the long march to build China into an internet power, Chinese internet companies should not just be a spectator but have the responsibility to contribute their powers, he said.马化腾称之为,“在建设网络强国的长征路上,民族互联网企业不应当只是旁观者,而是有责任也有义务为建设网络强国贡献一份力量。”There are many Chinese mobile internet products and services leading in the world. As recent media reports, even Silicon Valley has begun to learn from innovations in Chinese internet.“中国还有不少移动互联网产品和服务在国际上领先,最近就有媒体报道硅谷也开始仿效中国的一些互联网应用于和创意。

”Ma said Chinese market is large and deep enough for internet companies to focus on and he is confident that Chinese companies are competitive players in international mobile internet market.马化腾认为,中国的市场十分大,也充足浅,互联网企业仍须要专心于中国市场,他对中国企业在国际上的创新能力很有信心。Lei Jun: AI will be the next technological tipping point of internet economy雷军:人工智能是互联网经济的下个引爆点Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi Corp, has predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) will be the next technological turning point of the internet economy.小米公司创始人兼任首席运营官雷军应验,人工智能将沦为互联网经济的关键。AI is leading innovations in a variety of fields and all directions. One or two years later, there will be successful AI products emerging in the Chinese market, he said.他说道,“今天人工智能在各个领域都在创意,经常出现爆炸中国市场的产品还必须一两年,但不远处了”。

Speaking at the third World Internet Conference, Lei said smartphones would need to integrate a large number of AI technologies.雷军在第三届世界互联网大会上回应,智能手机要与大量的人工智能技术相结合。The smartphone is a high tech product, which is why there are only a few companies in the world that can do well making smartphones, he said.“智能手机是高科技产品,因此全球只有少数几家公司能把智能手机作好。”Lei said Chinas internet development had been world-class and it was now leading the world in many fields, especially in mobile internet innovation.雷军回应,中国互联网行业早已发展为世界级水准,如今在很多领域都是世界领先,尤其是移动互联创意。Zhou Hongyi: Cybersecurity will become an important support for building a community of common future in cyberspace周鸿祎:网络安全是建设网络空间命运共同体的最重要反对力量Zhou Hongyi, chairman and CEO of Qihoo 360 Technology Co, said to media during the third WIC Wednesday that with the popularity of internet of things (IoT) and internet of everything, internet has become the basis of the whole social operation.奇虎360科技公司董事长兼任首席运营官周鸿祎16日在第三届世界互联网大会上对媒体回应,随着物联网和万物网络更加风行,网络早已沦为整个社会运行机制的基石。

Paying no attention to the cybersecurity in the era of internet of everything means not only the key infrastructures even social management, business operations and urban operations will suffer catastrophic consequences, Zhou said.“如果不推崇互联网的安全性,不推崇万物网络时代的安全性,不仅是关键的基础设施,连社会管理、企业运营、城市运营都会遭遇灾难性的后果。”He said internet attacks in the era of IoT, whether in the degree or scope of damage, can be bigger. As IoT connect internet, virtual and real world together, the original virtual attack on internet will cause real damage in the physical world.周鸿祎称之为,在物联网时代,网络攻击的破坏力更加强劲、影响范围更加甚广。“由于物联网将虚拟世界和现实世界连在一起,在网络世界的反击有可能变为物理世界现实的损害。

”Zhou said no countries can be a spectator or survivor in front of internet attacks and everyone is a victim. Cybersecurity will become an important support for building a community of common future in cyberspace.周鸿祎回应,在网络攻击面前,没任何国家能袖手旁观、置身事外,每个人都是受害者。“网络安全是建设网络空间命运共同体的最重要反对力量”。

Victor Koo: The next decade is the golden age of entertainment industry古永锵:未来10年是娱乐行业的黄金时代Victor Koo, chairman of Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Strategy and Investment Committee, said to media at the sideline of the third WIC that the next decade is the golden age of entertainment industry, in which content and users will see revolutionary changes.阿里巴巴大文娱战略与投资委员会主席古永锵在第三届世界互联网大会记者招待会上对媒体回应,未来的十年是文娱产业的黄金时代,内容制作以及用户方面都会产生翻天覆地的革命性变化。As the third decade of internet is kicking off, I have to take the initiative to change and begin the layout one or two years ahead of the change, he said.他说道,“互联网的第三个十年将要开始,因此我一定要主动追求,在局势发生变化之前的一两年就开始布局”。


He said disputes and mergence among internet companies are inevitable for some time.古永锵回应,互联网公司的分化和融合有时是不可避免的。Zhang Chaoyang: Social networking and AI will be the future张朝阳:社交网络和人工智能是未来方向Zhang Chaoyang, chairman and CEO of Sohu.com, said at the sideline of the Third WIC that great changes have happened to the internet industry in recent years, of which the biggest is the emergence of the mobile internet.搜狐网董事长兼任首席执行官张朝阳在第三届世界互联网大会记者招待会上回应,近年来互联网行业再次发生了巨大变化,其中仅次于的转变是移动互联的问世。He said social networking and artificial intelligence will be the future for his company.他回应,搜狐的未来发展方向将是社交网络和人工智能。

Guo Taiming: Internet can empower manufacturing giants郭台铭:互联网助力制造业巨头Guo Taiming, also known as Terry Gou, president of Taiwans Hon Hai Group, said to media at the sideline of the Third WIC that manufacturing giants with internet technologies have more advantages than internet companies without manufacturing experience.台湾鸿海集团董事长郭台铭在第三届世界互联网大会记者招待会上对媒体回应,掌控网络技术的制造业巨头比没制造业经验的互联网公司极具优势。He said internet technologies can help established industrys giants to double their growth, but it is difficult for an internet company having no experience to find feet in the manufacturing industry.他称之为,网络技术可以协助行业巨头加倍茁壮,但是没经验的互联网公司投身于生产行业却很艰难。

Li Shufu: There is no essential distinction between internet companies and automakers in internet automobile manufacturing李书福:在互联网汽车生产方面,互联网公司和汽车公司没本质上的区别Li Shufu, chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, said it is wrong to set automakers against internet companies, according to a report by zjol.com.cn.据浙江在线网报导,吉利集团董事长李书福称之为,无法把汽车公司和互联网公司矛盾一起、切割成出去。Speaking at the sideline of third World Internet Conference, Li said: There is no essential distinction between internet companies and automakers in internet automobile manufacturing, and internet technologies are being already used by car companies.李书福在第三届世界互联网大会记者招待会上回应:“在互联网汽车生产这件事情上,互联网公司和汽车公司没本质上的区别,汽车公司内部都有互联网部门。”Li noted that from the traditional car to the internet-enabled car, a leapfrog development is unachievable and it must follow the law of development.李书福提及,从传统汽车到互联网汽车,无法非常简单横跨发展,必需按规律发展。

Theoretically, the real internet car must be a highly electric car, which means without electricity the internet-enabled vehicle will not work, not to mention that it wont be highly intelligent, he said.“确实的互联网汽车必需是高度电动简化的汽车,没电动化就很难构建互联网化,也就不有可能高度智能化。”Yang Yuanqing: We are facing a new leap from mobile internet to smart internet杨元庆:我们于是以面对移动互联向智能网络的新进步Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, noted that as artificial intelligence (AI) has brought new changes in internet, we are facing a new leap from the mobile internet to the smart internet, just like what we achieved from the PC internet to the mobile internet.联想集团董事长兼任首席执行官杨元庆回应,随着互联网带给的新转变,我们正在经历从过去的PC互联网、移动互联网向智能互联网切换的过程。Smart terminal devices and sensors will be everywhere and we are entering an era in which everything is intelligent, he said at the Mobile Internet Forum during the third WIC Thursday.17日,他在第三届世界互联网大会的移动互联网论坛上回应,智能终端和传感器将随处可见,我们将转入一个几乎智能化的世界。

Yang said driven by AI and internet, every sector will be more service-oriented.杨元庆指出,在人工智能和互联网的推展下,各个领域将更为以服务为导向。In the era of smart internet, consumers will not only consider the product itself but also value the services it connects to. A device without content or services will be nothing.“在智能互联网时代,客户自由选择一款产品,不仅是看产品本身,堪称看产品所相连的服务,没内容和服务的话,设备就是苍白的。





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